Aria Excel Series

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Used Aria Excel Series guitar for sale.

This guitar was bought during mid- or late-`90s (can`t quite recall...) by my sister, and like good ol` whiskey, its woods were left to age slowly inside my sisters closet. This guitar was rarely ever used.
The guitar is stung with a new set of strings and set-up professionally by my friend mr. V.Z., thus plays very nicely. The sound of this guitar is best suited for Hard-Rock, Rock and Metal music.
The guitar is equiped with a Floyd-Rose licensed locking tremolo system, has two humbucker pu`s, three way selector switch and single volume and tone controls.
The guitar was gigged once by a friend, and while trying to change strings he lost one string retainer from the tremolo system, thus the low price of the guitar. Nevertheless, the guitar tunes and plays good even without it, and I`m sure it will be easy to find a new one in case you want to replace it.
The guitar comes complete in a gig-bag, with free strap, Korg GA-10 Guitar tuner, cables and picks, thus making it an ideal started for a beginner guitarist that wants to dig into Rock and Metal music genres.

The price is 250 euros.
For any further info or for shipping costs please contact me by e-mail.